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G.E.E.M. Groupement d’études entomologiques méditerranée Insects Biodiversity Studies Insects Biodiversity Studies

Insects as indicators of biodiversity

For a lot of reasons, developed further, the insects can be used as a tool to assess the richness of biotopes.

Of course, all insects are not suitable for this purpose. What orders, genus, species are appropriate ? It is developed here.

Pastoralism is a factor of biodiversity

Often positive since ancient age, sometimes negative after change in grazing system.

Our studies, our network, our communications

We measure the health of the environment through insects.

For this purpose, a deep knowledge of insects is required. Therefore, our studies are concerning not only ecology but also accurate studies on some groups of insects: taxonomy, biology, ethology, ecology.

We are in close relation with the MNHN Paris, with European universities, with institute of ecology, etc.